Disco Equipment

Large impressive professional wedding disco with the capacity to entertain 250 plus guests but can also be toned down for as little as 50. Ideal for weddings and people who like to have a really professional setup for their party. We use all high end, industry standard, brand name equipment such as Peavey, Pioneer, Technics, ACME, Abstract, and although this won’t mean much to most people you can be assured that it won’t let you down!

A Large Full Professional Disco Setup Approx 4-5 Meters Wide.

  • Peavey 2 *15″ Speakers Plus 2 * 15″ Bass Subs,
  • Peavey 2600w Power Amplifier.
  • PioneerTwin CD Player CMX 3000
  • PioneerMixer DJM 3000
  • Pioneer Heaphones
  • Star Cloth Covers all cables etc at the front of the setup
  • ACME 4 * i-Rock 7B Club Lights with 250w discharge lamps
  • Abstract 2 * Twister 4’s with 250w lamps
  • Stand 2 * T-Bar Stands With Joining 3m Cross Section.
  • Laser 1 * Medium Strength 30W Green Laser.
  • StrobeLighting.
  • Smoke Large Smoke Machine.
  • Bubbles Medium strengtth Bubble Machine.
  • Technics MK5 G There is also an option to add turntables to this service if modern dance music is a requirement

Back Up Equipment

  • Pioneer Mixer DJM 600
  • Peavey 1200w Amplifier
  • Abstract Gladiators Club Lights with 250w Lamps

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