Wedding Disco Format

Below is a guidline to how I would run the “Typical Wedding Disco”. Obviously the running order can be changed but most nights in my experience would run like this.

  • Setup begins 1.5 hours before guests arrive and disco commences. (early setups can be arranged if required please specify)
  • Commence Disco with soft low key background music as guests arrive, drink meet and talk
  • Invite Bride and Groom to cut the Wedding Cake
  • Announce Buffet or Food if available (usually 60-90 mins into event)
  • Allow 45 mins to 60 mins to eat continue playing non intruding music maybe some music for smaller children at this point
  • Invite Bride and Groom to dance floor for first dance
  • Invite other couples to join in for second slow song
  • Invite requests for the remainder of the night from the floor, dip all hall lights, release small amount of smoke, fire up intelligent lighting, increase volume and play out the disco with all requests and party music.
  • Invite guests to make an archway for the Bride and Groom to walk through and say their goodbye’s as they leave the venue
  • Close disco play out last song (not always a slow song not my style like to finish with a full dance floor)
  • Pack up equipment approx 30-45 minutes

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